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Jean-François VASSAL | Head of operations

Orléans – Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel Airport

Orléans Loire Valley Airport has been a customer of CGX AERO since 2009.

Choosing CGX AERO allowed Orléans Loire-Valley airport to be in the first airports to offer to air navigators a GNSS approach on the two QFU of the airport. Air navigation procedures design and monitoring work is essential for flight safety. An air navigation service provider must be at the top of the regulatory monitoring. CGX AERO maintenance contract contributes to the confidence of the supervisory authorityin Orléans Airport Air Navigation Service Provider.

This important work enabled Orléans Airport to obtain in 2019 the ranking of the two GNSS procedures in category 1 approach to the delight of our customers.

It is indisputable that the work of CGX AERO has contributed to the high level of safety of Orléans airport airspace but also to the protection of the airspace necessary for the airport development by assisting the airport services in the management of requests for Urban Planning galloping and invading around the airport site.

CGX AERO is no longer a supplier of the airport; it has become an indispensable partner to its operation.

Olivier DUPONT | Aerodrome manager

Niort - Marais Poitevin Airport

The maintenance contract of our GNSS procedure perfectly fulfills our needs.

Our dedicated, competent and available CGX procedure designer masters the regulatory situation that he applies to our needs as accurately as possible. CGX AERO is a major provider in the development of our aerodrome in the face of the evolving and constraining context of our activities.

Florence FOUQUET | Operating Manager

Blois - le Breuil Airport

Blois Le-Breuil aerodrome requested the services of CGX AERO in 2009 for the creation of its GNSS 30 procedure. Since then the relationships have been extremely close. CGX AERO has a professional team, very available and attentive to our needs. As part of the maintenance contract implemented for the GNSS 30, we benefit from tokens that we can use for additional studies, including impact studies on wind turbine construction projects. It is a real asset to be able to benefit from this responsive service.

Delphine MARNAT | Responsable d’exploitation

Roanne - Renaison Airport

Our maintenance contract with CGX, that includes the revision and tokens, has enabled us on several occasions to study a number of projects allowing us to adapt our development or introduce improvements.

Didier KURZ | Operating manager

Chambley Airport

CGX AERO has been assisting the Grand Est Region for several years.

The company completed the creation of an RNAV GNSS procedure at the Chambley aerodrome in an extremely short period of time, project all the more complex as the airfield is surrounded by a multitude of civilian and military areas.

Since then, as part of a maintenance contract, CGX AERO has been monitoring the revisions of procedures and updating aeronautical information on behalf of our community.

The company is a source of innovative proposals such as the realization of a very high-definition obstacle survey in partnership with Europe Vue du Ciel.

Alongside these missions and still within the framework of this contract, CGX AERO is involved in consulting and/or study missions as for the creation of the LF-R104 zone reserved for tests of airships. Thanks to its knowledge and references, the company is known and recognized by the Civil Aviation authorities, which greatly facilitates the progress of sensitive issues.