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cgx > nouveautés > New contracts for CGX AERO

New contracts for CGX AERO

 CGX's ANS business line secures new contracts

Marseille: CGX AERO is continuing its collaboration with the Marseille-Provence airport and has recently won a market for modeling noise and air quality around the platform. This study not only aims to provide a snapshot of the current situation but also a projection of the situation up to 2025 on the basis of assumptions of increased traffic.

Brest: Brest Hospital retained CGX AERO for the study of its new heliport. This study aims at optimizing the reception SAMU (EC135), Army (NH90) and Civil Security (EC145) helicopters in a secure framework allowing joint use of the installations. CGX AERO will be in charge of the platform positioning, the regulatory compliance file and the implementation of an instrument flight procedure dedicated to helicopters.

Biarritz: CGX will assist INGEROP and the Biarritz Pays Basque airport with its runway rehabilitation project. In support of the contracting authority, CGX will be responsible for the airport safety assessments of these works, their phasing as well as the demonstration of the conformity runway and ancillary track.

Fontenay: The city of Fontenay le Comte has retained CGX AERO for the implementation of instrument flight procedures at the municipality's aerodrome. Based entirely on GNSS positioning, these approach and departure trajectories will facilitate the accessibility of the platform and support the economic development prospects of the region.

Cambodia: CGX AERO has been commissioned by Cambodia Airport to carry out a study on the reception conditions of E-code aircraft on Phnom Penh Airport. It is a question of checking the suitability of the infrastructures and equipment with the requirements associated with this type of aircraft. The impact on operation will also be studied.

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