Data processing for decision making

Since 1996, CGX designs and develops business solutions that aim at enhancing the native functionalities of major geographic information systems for aerospace, ski and mountain resorts, as well as Defence & Civil Security.

As an independent company, CGX operates in more than 45 countries, either directly or through appropriated partnerships and it is now reputed as a best-in-class provider for its solutions and technical services.

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Right from the design stage of our solutions, we pay a particular attention to:
> Business applications’ interoperability
> Technical interoperability while maintaining safe and secure data sharing and exchange
> The possibility of integrating our solutions with other existing or coming products or systems.

Cloud Computing & Smart Data Center

In order to handle the huge quantity of digital data that has to be collected, stocked, enriched, secured and shared with clients, CGX has set up in its headquarters, its own data center and Cloud Computing ‘s infrastructure to operate safely DAAS/SAAS applications.


CGX offers services and applications that not only give access to digital information but also allow collecting, modifying and processing new information in real-time wherever you are.
This business intelligence gives access to real-time information and allows reacting and acting in an efficient, quick and relevant manner directly on the ground.

Data protection

Due to complex IT threats, the costs represented by the information systems’ new security challenges and the globalization of attacks, our customers can rely on our data protection system to monitor cyber threats.
CGX commits to securing the whole data process (encryption methods, virus scanner, firewall, backup and recovery plan) in order to reduce the risk of data loss, theft, or incursion.
CGX ensures its servers’ supervision in order to guarantee the best protection of the data that are entrusted to it in the context of hosting services or other services.

RD & Innovation

Research and development are part of CGX identity. R&D enables us to increase our competitiveness and to consolidate our competitive positioning by offering agile and innovative products that meet requirements as well as the constant evolution of our customers’ operative, technical and regulatory needs.
Each R & D project provided answers to our markets’ needs and has allowed us to increase our know-how, to build-out our teams in relation with our clients’ demands.

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