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cgx > nouveautés > GeoTITAN® V4.0 release

GeoTITAN® V4.0 release

GéoTITAN v4.0 has been released and includes new functionalities. This is the first IFP software worldwide providing automatic estimation and drawing of trajectory flows during missed approach turn within nominals and dynamic trajectories for RNAV/PBN operations.
New capabilities of this version include:
•    CONV and RNAV merged in working maps
•    New Curved templates with Preset capabilities, and more options to make them the same level as Straight templates.
•    Unified DTM management for CONV and RNAV studies with updated DTM resolution range for area assessment.
•    DTM strategy applied in the full software including FDT assessments
•    And lots of new developments detailed in : Whatsnew document, release notes and Operator Handbook.


Clic to see the dynamic missed approach drawing:

 GTT missed approach turn

For more information :

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