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Contract signature GéoTITAN® ENAC-CGX

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For more than 15 years, ENAC has been developping GéoTITAN® software, an expert tool for instrument flight path design. CGX has been trusted as the exclusive reseller from day one.

GéoTITAN® is being used in France by the DSNA and in more than 30 countries worldwide. It has been recently used by the Aeronautical Information Services (SIA) and the by South-East Air Navigation Services in the context of the European project “RISE” for the design of innovative procedures. This project has received an award in the last World ATM Congress 2017.

Concurrently to GéoTITAN® developpment by ENAC, CGX AERO has designed a set of complementary tools. As a result CGX provides an integrated offer (Aeronautical Database Management, aeronautical charts editing, etc.) including GeoTITAN®.

ENAC and CGX have signed an agreement for exclusive licensing of GéoTITAN® future development and distribution. ENAC retains original source code ownership and will receive a share of sales profit.

True to its innovative approach, CGX will carry on and optimize GéoTITAN® software & operational developments in partnership with DSNA for the validation aspects and the analysis of compliance with regulation. As the European leader in the deployment of GNSS procedures with nearly 200 procedures published in France, DSNA will continue to use GéoTITAN® within its Procedure Design specialized Services.

GeoTITAN® is now part of CGX’s « Procedure Design Suite® » which covers all the needs of the data processing chain. Based on aeronautical standards and ADQ regulatory developments as well as ICAO Annexes 15 & 19, the « Procedure Design Suite® » offers a perfect integration, proven interoperability and an excellent level of automation to all its users.

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