Aeronautical services

CGX AERO provides services for the design of instrument trajectory planning and associated fields such as data collection and site obstacle relief, aeronautical mapping and studies.
CGX AERO also provides consulting, auditing, training, and general assistance in all of these fields.

Data Collection


CGX provides Electronic Obstacle and Ground Databases (eTOD) that conform to Appendix 15 of the OACI and adapts its acquisition methodology based on specific, local, constraints and conditions and can also provide data based on satellite observation and LIDAR.
Before definitive delivery, CGX pre-validates the data and provides the client with a pre-validation report.

Obstacle Analysis

In parallel with its eTOD activities, CGX has developed its own obstacle analysis methodology which is adapted based on specific concerns (instrument procedures, type A and B map updates, PAPI, etc.), and the obstacle analysis reports are created under the supervision of our aeronautical experts who determine which obstacles are pertinent to any given geometry.

> Obstacle Limitation Surface extension - Short description (pdf)

Data Pre-Validation

CGX analyses the available data and issues advice, and/or recommendations, based on its quality and pertinence depending on the client’s end goal.
CGX verifies the information’s coherency, with respect to other data sources, in order to determine its level of reliability, and then performs the req

Data Digitalisation

CGX provides digitalised, aeronautical data (AIP, obstacles, procedures, etc.) which is qualified and processed by our aeronautical experts and digitised in standard formats including AIXM, and ARINC424.

Aeronautical Studies

Conceptual Design – Strategy Definition

CGX provides the services of its experts (former air traffic controllers and military pilots) to define new air traffic control strategies and to optimise existing air traffic control systems based on the following criteria:

> air traffic separation
> optimisation of trajectories for distance reduction and fuel preservation
> environmental impact management (noise reduction)

Procedure Study| Specific Studies

CGX assists its clients with the implementation of visual and instrument flight trajectories,. With its intimate knowledge of French and international regulations (OACI), CGX assists its clients, from start to finish, with the development and AIP/eAIP publication of new trajectories.

> CGX experts have instrument flight procedure design certificates from the Philippines and Swedish authorities.

Support Production

 CGX provides in-depth consulting and training in the use and of its tools and can also provide:
> aeronautical maps based on any existing graphical chart
> development of national, graphical charts
> production of all types of maps for aeronautical publication (aerodromes, parking, type A, type B, approach, departure, arrival, visuals, …
> Flight trajectory coding per standard aeronautical formats including AIXM and ARINC
> 3D files for viewing trajectories, airspace and aeronautical data.

Ground-Based Validation

CGX has developed specific tools and methodologies to validate procedures on the ground. Each file is verified by an independent designer who verifies the calculations, including the coherency of the trajectories, technical report, coding and the associated map.

CGX provides this service to verify conformance of the design files to all the applicable regulations and to provide the best possible recommendations in order to improve our clients’ processes and knowledge base.


CGX teams can provide assistance, at every stage of the production of aeronautical information, from trajectory design to impact studies, for the continuous maintenance of AIP, including its publication on a dedicated, secure website.

CGX also provides website hosting services and publishes the eAIP service for Djibouti.

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