Flight optimisation

In addition to procedure design, CGX has developed tools to ensure flight optimisation and to improve flight safety and fuel consumption.

Flight Optimisation Solutions

> Flight Optimisation (pdf)

AiRFInder® is a solution for the detection and locating of interference sources that can disrupt ground and aircraft navigation systems.
AiRFInder® is used to directly identify noise sources:
> noise frequencies
> noise source locations
> noise signal emitters

It also includes a tool to monitor noise emissions.

AiRFInder® (AIrborne RFI DEtection and Radiolocation) is the product of a close collaboration between the French DGAC and CGX AERO.

> AiRFInder® - Short description (pdf)



In 2008, the OACI (Organisation de l’Aviation Civile Internationale) issued new navigation regulations, known as “Performance Based Navigation” (PRN), to cover the latest aircraft navigation satellite procedures. In order to meet this new challenge, CGX developed Required Navigation Performance (RNP) (a more precise, optimised satellite guidance system which is independent of ground operations). This tool is used by clients (companies, institutions, aircraft manufacturers, etc.) to predict the RNP capacity for any given navigation line. It can also be used to improve safety, optimise flight time, and reduce operating costs. It connects using SAAS mode.

Sat4Flight® is the product of a close collaboration between CGX, ENAC, the PANS-OPS office and the ENAC - LST electronics laboratory (flight trajectory procedure). SAT4Flight® is distributed by Airbus ProSky.

> Sat4Flight® - Short description (pdf)


ODYSSEE®, is a fuel-saving tool, used in SAAS mode, by operational managers. It provides dynamic dashboards, and indicators, to monitor operations and realize additional savings in terms of operational costs and fuel consumption. It helps clients to monitor their operational performance, in the implementation of their procedures, by comparing predicted and actual consumptions, and identifying new, cost-saving strategies by means of a “multi-dimensional” analysis module.

> ODYSSEE® - Short description (pdf)


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