Aviation Company Services

CGX offers a full range of engineering and consulting services for aviation operators.
In order to ensure this, we have a team of consultants with extensive operational experience and an in-depth knowledge of flight operations regulatory requirements, industry norms, aviation training and management system organisation.

Safety & Conformity

CGX can help you, on a day-to-day basis, to ensure your conformance to the AESA safety and operational regulations.
For this reason, we offer a range of services which we can adapt to your specific needs and situation. You will benefit from our detailed knowledge of the applicable regulatory texts as well as our experience with other aviation operators.

> regulatory and safety conformity of operations for aviation operators (airplanes and helicopters)
> regulation monitoring (France, AESA and OACI norms)
> implementation and improvement of Safety Management Systems (SMS)
> conformity verification and change management
> monitoring of aeronautical operational controls (AOC) including internal audits, operational documentation updates, training, etc.

Some Examples:
- assistance with IR-OPS transitions
- operational assistance
- SMS training
- evaluation of the viability of outsourcing to private operators to reduce transport aviation certification overhead
- CGX is also approved to manage the safety and conformity monitoring of European aviation operators

> safety studies
> specific studies to implement large operational revisions

Some Examples:
- using tablets to estimate mass and centre of mass
- implementing new organisational structures

Technical Studies

CGX can help you establish and improve your operations.
For customised services, CGX can verify conformance to applicable regulations, determine and define new procedures, if required, perform safety studies and, when necessary, update your documentation and help you gain DSAC approval.

Some Examples:
- assistance for aviation operators in obtaining special authorisations (airplanes and helicopters)
- non-commercial aviation operations,
- flight simulation training devices (FSTDs)
- transport of hazardous materials

Flight / fuel efficiency

ODYSSEE® is a decision-making tools which can be used to optimise fuel-consumption, monitor the implementation of fuel-saving initiatives and determine the associated profitability.

ODYSSEE® provides dynamic dashboards, and indicators, to help you to monitor your operations realize additional savings in your operational costs (especially in terms of fuel consumption). It helps companies to measure their operational performance, implement new initiatives to further reduce fuel consumption and calculate expected and actual fuel consumption. It also has a “multi-dimensional” analysis module to help you identify new ways to make save money.

In addition to this tool, CGX also offers the expertise of experienced flight ops experts to optimise fuel consumption throughout your entire fleet.

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