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CGX provides airport owners and operators (as well as their aviation transport clients) with assistance, diagnostics, strategic studies, operational documentation, certification advice and training.

Services for Airports - Short description (pdf)

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Airport Safety and Certification

After having successfully assisted something on the order of thirty airports with the implementation of their safety management systems, CGX is now helping airports conform to European regulations, including implement diagnostics and alternative solutions (DAAD, SC, ELoS), create aerodrome manuals, implement conformity monitoring, conformity audits, and SMS assistance. In order to ensure the greatest efficiency and highest quality, we adapt our services to the needs of each platform.
CGX also assists project managers with the implementation of these solutions including demonstration of project conformity, safety studies (EISA), sensitisation of worksite personnel, etc.


> customized assistance with airport AESA certification
> conformity audits
> verification of the regulatory conformity of development projects


> safety studies (EISA, exemption applications, implementation of new procedures, etc.)
> assistance with AMO missions (conformity, risk analyses)
> assistance with SMS (sensitisation, audits, etc.)
> complete and partial SMS externalisation

Technical Design Office

CGX assists airports in the creation of high-quality, operational documentation (manuals, procedures, studies, etc.). Our engineering team contributes its technical expertise to our airport clients including optimisation of aircraft parking plans, wind studies, verification of runways, implementation of marking plans, and other activities.
We also assist with the development and upgrading of helicopter aerodromes including infrastructure conformity, operational studies, documentation, and other aspects.


> audits
> optimisation of airport infrastructures
> sizing of airport parking
> optimisation and implementation of marking norms
> optimisation of operational procedures


> operational documentation
> refurbishment and maintenance programs (GER)
> planning documentation (Masterplan, APPM, PCG, PSA, etc.)
> environmental studies
> technical studies


> conformity of helicopter aerodromes
> helicopter aerodrome design

Heliport Design - Short description (pdf)

Strategic and Prospective Studies

CGX assists airport owners and operators with the definition of development projects and provides assistance with strategic decision Our teams also assist airport owners with the selection of the best operators (Public Service Delegation), including an analysis of the technical, economic and legal bids.


> assistance with the Public Service Delegations
> inquiries and Surveys
> prospective studies and consulting to optimise decisions

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