Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)

CGX offers a complete suite of solutions to help you manage your civil and military aeronautical information. This includes the entire process, from data-collection through to the design of new instrument flight procedures, and the management of aeronautical data (obstacles and others), which are placed into a central database to more easily and accurately generate and manage your results for AIP publication.
CGX ensures the compatibility of each solution and can also connect directly to partner databases to produce more extensive AIM submissions (Thales TopSky).

The software package, developed by CGX respects the OACI (DOC 8168, etc.).

CGX offers you the entire Procedure Design Suite, including GéoTITAN, Data4Flight®, Chart4Flight® and AIP-Charting® ,to meet all the requirements of the AIM chain including aeronautical data management, instrument flight trajectory design and the generation of aeronautical maps.

Airport and Obstacle Data Management

CGX has developed a web service which is based on the latest regulations (Appendices 14 and 15 of the OACI, ADQ) and its internal expertise (DATA4Flight® and R&D), are dedicated to the analysis of existing and future obstacles located in the vicinity of airports (buildings, cranes, antennas, wind generators, etc.).
It can also map identified obstacles using geometric shapes (points, curves and areas).

Obstacle Evaluation Solution (OES)

OES provides a web service with the national Aeronautical Information Services which is in charge of the management, collection, organisation and distribution of aeronautical information.

OES is used to evaluate the potential impact of infrastructure modifications on aerial navigation and provides the necessary data to properly use the associated information (OLS and EZS), in accordance with Appendix 15 of the OACI and in accordance with local regulations (such as Eurocontrol in Europe).

> OES - Short description (pdf)

Flight Trajectory Design, Management of Aeronautical Information and Maps

CGX offers a software package which is dedicated to the design of flight trajectories, and the management of aeronautical data and maps.


In collaboration with l’Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), CGX markets and develops GéoTITAN®, a software package used to design instrumented flight trajectories and identify protection areas, in a georeferenced aeronautical environment.

GéoTITAN® uses Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) to identify significant obstacles and calculates safe altitudes.

> GéoTITAN® - Short description (pdf)


DATA4Flight® helps you to manage your aeronautical information by integrating the principles defined by the Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) regulations, as well as Appendix 15 of the OACI, to ensure the integrity of the data throughout its entire life-cycle.

Data4Flight® helps you to generate ARINC coding by importing flight procedures and allowing you to view them, in 2D or 3D, using Google Earth®.

DATA4Flight® also offers a variety of supplementary packages to refine the management of your aeronautical information.
These packages include:
> Chart4Flight®: is used to help instrument flight procedure designers to quickly and easily generate maps based on newly-created procedures
> Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS): allows users to automatically calculate the surfaces specified in Appendix 14 of the OACI, as well as penetrating obstacles (for DTM and man-made obstacles) then view the surfaces in 3D using Google Earth®.
> Airspace4Flight®: is dedicated to the design of airspace as well as the modelling and management of routes.
> GroundValidation4Flight®: is used to implement Step 8 of OACI DOC 9906, which governs Ground Validation, as well as verification criteria, before in-flight validation, and helps you to publish your procedure.

> DATA4Flight® - Short description (pdf)

AIP-GIS Charting®

AIP-GIS Charting® is a mapping solution that can be used to edit, update and publish maps, in a georeferenced environment, to the civil and military AIP. This solution is based on Esri, AIP-GIS Charting® and the OACI regulations and can be used to produce maps via a direct connection to aeronautical databases. It also takes into consideration the temporality of the associated data (AIRAC cycle and others).

> AIP-GIS Charting® - Short description (pdf)


Procedure Design Suite®

Procedure Design Suite® is a software package to help you manage all aspects of the Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) chain, including:
> data collection
> database integration
> procedure design
> AIP publication

CGX software solutions ensure compatibility with other solutions and external database

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